The 2018 Tampa Bay Rays Drinking Game

If you’re like me, you still believe this team is better than what they’ve shown. If you’re like me, you’re going to watch the games, win or lose. If you’re like me, you know it might still get worse before it gets better.

But if you’re not like me, these games have been brutally tough to watch. If you’re not like me, you may have already given up. The good news is I have a treat for you. Something that will make Rays games watchable again, at least until they get back to their winning ways.

Introducing the 2018 Tampa Bay Rays drinking game, so we can all enjoy both the telecastĀ andĀ the outcome, together.

One sip
  • A Rays pitcher throws 20 pitches in an inning
  • Kevin Cash looks confused in the dugout
  • Brian Anderson describes a bloop base hit as ‘soft serve’
  • Brian Anderson talks about a pitch having ‘depth’
  • 5 seconds of dead air during the telecast
  • For every man the Rays leave on base
Two sips
  • Kiemaier misplays a ball he would’ve caught last year
  • Carlos Gomez lets a fly ball bounce in front of him
  • Jose Alvarado hits 100mph
  • Brian Anderson makes a dad joke
  • Chris Archer throws a changeup
  • Any time ‘bullpen day’ is mentioned
  • Any time ‘new stadium’ is mentioned
Finish your drink
  • A Rays starter doesn’t make it past 5 innings
  • Mallex Smith bunts
  • Austin Pruitt pitches
  • The Rays lose by one run
  • You enjoyed the telecast and not the outcome

Cheers, Rays fans!

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